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So, I’ve reached 1k followers? What does that mean? I’m going to host a giveaway to thank all my precious followers.

what you’ll win:

⦁    Pikachu 3DS or the Legend of Zelda one
⦁    Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire and X or Y
⦁    2 Legend of Zelda games for the NDS or 3DS


⦁    Must be following me, as it is for my followers, I only post Nintendo-related content.
⦁    Likes do not count.
⦁    Reblog this post as many times as you want.
⦁    No giveaway blogs please!
⦁    Must be willing to give out address if you win.
⦁    If you do not reply in 48 hours and you win, a new winner will be picked.
⦁    You must have your ask box open when the giveaway ends so I have some form of contacting you.
⦁    Winners picked by a random generator.
⦁    If you win and don’t respond in 48 hours, a new winner will be picked.
The giveaway will end on November 1st, 2014.

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Shinki by the pool.

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More Hagen no Zista

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I can’t believe they removed snaking in mario kart 8. Dang’d dirty casuals are ruining the comp racing scene.

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I…   I had some fun.

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Even Shinkis like games.

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Transparent toys are a lot of fun in the sun.

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Those two on the left were among my first transformers from when i was a kid.

That one on the right is my shiny, nice condition one that i acquired as an adult.

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Bandai Reproducing Digivices for 15th Anniversary

Toy manufacturer Bandai have announced that they will be reproducing the Digivices from Digimon for the franchise’s 15th anniversary. They will be reproducing the 1st generation of Digivice toys, which are similar to the Tamagotchi line of toys. Bandai will be producing a new line of…

#Bandai, #Digimon, #DigitalMonsters, #Digivice, #Product, #Toy


Don’t get me wrong, this is SUPER FREAKING EXCITING.  

but $100 holy shit!. 

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Mini Desert Mechs