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Stealth Dimension Division was my first Glyos drop ever.  Up to that point, I’d been admiring the line from afar for months, but never pulled the trigger on em.  The sea-washed glassy beauty of Neo Voss in combo with the sparkly Nonillia pink was so gorgeous I couldn’t resist.  

Within minutes, I was hooked.

That Armodoc photo is what convinced me to take a jump into Glyos.

Grabbed one before they sold out and never regretted it.

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I wanted to find a way to say thanks for making CoffeeCupRobot such a fun project and inspired by the Giveaways/Competitions that happen on Instagram, I went out and picked up the Guardians of the Galaxy Milano LEGO set to giveaway to a lucky winner.

 The second picture is the set someone will be winning, chilling out in the studio.

 I’m not much of the writer but in short: Thanks for being awesome and all the good times!

 Rules and how its all going to work:

 To Enter:

 Reblog this post, tag it #CCRCOMP and follow @CoffeeCupRobot

 Please only a max of 3 entry’s per social media outlet per day. (We don’t need to be spamming your friends)

Ends September 1st 2014 at noon GMT

How its going to work:

Each reblog/post will be assigned a number and once the contest is over a number will be drawn using a random generator.

I will then contact the winner through social media and if available email.  

In the unlikely event the winner does not answer within 3 days the draw will happen again.

This contest is being run across twitter, instagram, facebook and tumblr so if you want more chances to enter go find CoffeeCupRobot and there will be a post there with instructions.  

This Competition is by no way affiliated with LEGO or MARVEL.

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Grilling with Godzilla.

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Night Exploration on Ice planet 2002

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Sadly, this guys topcoat never hardened and the paintjob had to be scrubbed.  I’ll paint him back up sooner or later

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I think I may be crying.

On August 1 no less.  Season 7.

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Photos from two years ago when I took a trip to Germany.  Stumbled upon some of the works of street artist Space Invader, known well for his tessellations of little aliens from the game.

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For whatever reason, Masuda is tweeting pictures of Pokémon Plushies wearing glasses.

 For whatever reason, I decided to tweet back.

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Holy shit,  this is without a doubt one of the coolest TWEWY pieces i’ve ever seen.   For a game that has such a huge focus on the fashion around you (even if its not rendered) theres so little art depicting it.

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So, I’ve reached 1k followers? What does that mean? I’m going to host a giveaway to thank all my precious followers.

what you’ll win:

⦁    Pikachu 3DS or the Legend of Zelda one
⦁    Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire and X or Y
⦁    2 Legend of Zelda games for the NDS or 3DS


⦁    Must be following me, as it is for my followers, I only post Nintendo-related content.
⦁    Likes do not count.
⦁    Reblog this post as many times as you want.
⦁    No giveaway blogs please!
⦁    Must be willing to give out address if you win.
⦁    If you do not reply in 48 hours and you win, a new winner will be picked.
⦁    You must have your ask box open when the giveaway ends so I have some form of contacting you.
⦁    Winners picked by a random generator.
⦁    If you win and don’t respond in 48 hours, a new winner will be picked.
The giveaway will end on November 1st, 2014.